The Realist Party Of Canada

The Party with sense and care for the country and people

Help us win the Provincial seats and the next Federal

We need people to represent and volunteer.  Start saving our country and stop sitting back we need all the help we can get



Just Untrue Though has committed treason and insurrection to our country!  He has allowed foreign invaders on our soil!  Our army must be called in and a REAL EMA must be declared to remove Trudeau and all liberals

We have deemed the Liberal Party an illegal party and it has no Authority.  (Please Do Not recognize these self appointed authoritarians!)

Justin Trudeau (AKA Just Untrue Though) and his party are wanted on Canada wide warrants.

They are wanted for criminal investigations for treason, Fraud and Human genocide and murder as well as many other world leaders are now being investigated!  If we get into power we will make sure every last one of these traitors are arrested

As well as all the fraudulent doctors and scientists and police that were conspiring with these criminals  Call the RCMP or email them yourself to make a citizen arrest the more we have the better are chances are of charges and convictions.

ALL Mandates (suggestions) are ILLEGAL and no one can practice medical anything without a license and being your personal doctor!


Currently we are looking for people to join and support us!

We will be updating the site as time goes and will put up our “mandates and goals”

If you think you can help us in anyway let us know.

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