The Realist Party

Mandate and Goals



The list is not in any order. It is a list of possible mandate tasks that will be taken on by the Party and its members.

  1. To gather the info of names and lists of people involved in this unlawful governing of people, provinces and country for treasonous acts. (this includes police officials, Government officials, Health officials and Media. Others may be included in the future)
  2. To reform all laws into the present time as to reflect the times of now and the future.

  3. To reform business with more freedom of how THEY run their business.

  4. To stop trade with all foreign countries until its deemed which ones are safe and deserve our resources.

  5. To fix the housing scam that has been going on for decades.

  6. To put people in the proper positions with the real world experience (Minister of forestry is an actual forester with decades of experience etc) not a Lawyer

  7. To enact new laws to protect people from tyranny or overreach.

  8. To start a banking system based on the Canadian people and their own money.

  9. To reform ALL law enforcement and weed out the bad ones and start hiring on merits and intellect.

  10. To allow all Canadians to be involved in party decisions by an E-survey voting system.

  11. To separate church from state and allow private groups to be just that! Private!

  12. To lower all Tax on employment as tax is paid with things you buy, not labour.

  13. To from a group that watches the watch dogs etc and keeps things in balance so no abuse of power can happen.

  14. To allow fines of anyone trying to shut down free speech (no More PC on the English language, as it seems it is only English that gets this) all speech is free speech, even if you don’t agree with it! This includes all media if they want to operate in our fine country.

  15. To Make sure Human Rights and laws are all obeyed as, they are the final word of law, over all law.

  16. To allow Free education to citizens of Canada.

  17. To change the way retirement works in Canada.

  18. To provide health care to all citizens and have a special health care for Rare things.

  19. To fix the scam of billing with health care in Canada! Double dipping etc.

  20. To form a special law force that has power to arrest officials and other ranking people without hesitation and road blocks!

  21. To Get rid of any pet projects former Government has done and wasted money.

  22. To fix homelessness and hunger. This could have been fixed decades ago by former Government.

  23. To build universal wellness clinics for citizens to go to when they need it.

  24. Free dental health care. This should have been part of the health system to begin with.


This is just some of the list for now but will be updated as time goes.