How Ideas get born


These are just a few more details on some things, but are not the final details or works,  This is just to help you out with more detail on what we plan to do in the future with your help!


The Idea of the party was floating around for about 6 years now! We all just thought about it, with no action. The time has come that people can no longer sit back. Even the ones that mind their own business. As Canadians we must stand up for truth and justice and what is just plain “RIGHT”. Nobody in leadership wants to do what is right. Even if this means making choices that you do not want to make. That’s what doing the right thing is, it’s making a choice against what YOU want, because you have the wisdom to know it’s the right choice.

Our current leaders of today and yesterday have done nothing to help Canada or Canadians to the best of their ability.  In fact they have lied, schemed and stolen money from the people and country.  We ask “Are you OK with this?”

What we want to do is get actual “ordinary people” involved in our Party.  We want YOU!

If you are sick of the way things are and the way things are going, then we need all the help we can get from people like yourselves that may be reading this right now.



As a country people need to now get involved instead of sitting back and letting things happen.  Now you see the results.  We trade with countries that are in essence an “enemy” of our own values and do nothing but give us grief.  China is a perfect example of how they have detained the 2 Micheal’s over revenge?

Again, are you OK with this and the many other atrocities they do?

Are you OK with giving our precious resources to others that don’t really give us much back?

We want to change the whole system in how these things work.  It needed changing decades ago.  Former Parties made very, very bad decisions and most seemed for personal gain,  rather than country and people gain.



We also want to fix the education system so people can get free education and better themselves.  “Third world” (we dislike this word) countries even give free university etc. but Canada does not?



We want to bring back free speech , as you can see above we dislike “third world” but still apply it, because it has meaning either way.  Free speech is even a weird word as speech is speech.  It’s only when people that disagree with something that turn speech into some narrative.  We want everyone to speak their minds even if we don’t agree with it!  That’s what “free speech” is about. English it seems, is the only language that gets a PC label.  We do understand there is “hate” speech out there, but you have to also take the good with the bad until it becomes harmful to someone.  We believe you can like or dislike anything you want, that’s up to you.

A good example would be… some kid designs a website in his bedroom and then it gets a bit popular.  Some people come around and say “hey, we would like to give you money and start a boardroom and see how many ADs we can sell on your website.” So the kid says “Great, I would love to to that”  The people with money then ask “What name shall we call you from now on?”  The kid answers “FaceBook”  This is just an analogy, but it goes to show Whom it is that people give power to.  They tell you what to like or dislike or what to say.  A kid in a bedroom!? Not in our universe here at the Party!

So in essence we want to put an end to this.  ALL speech is going to be allowed, until harmful, or do not operate in our country.



We want to fix the health care problem in Canada.  Too much of too little is being done.  There needs to be some order to it and a special health care system for rare things, so that people don’t have to crowd fund to get there sick baby in good health.

We also want to now include Dental in the health care system, as it should have been a long time ago!



We want to make sure Human Rights are above all man made law and are respected in the highest manner.

We would like to bring forth, new law legislation, so that arrests can be made of high ranking individuals without road blocks.

We want to start a special law force team that will be responsible for special crimes in our country, when other law enforcers seem to ignore or have no jurisdiction.  This is negligence and will not be tolerated.

We also want to make new laws with the special team that will put an END to gangs and gang violence in our country. How this has survived this long is pure negligence in the highest as far as we are concerned.  Gangs in Canada?  Really?

We will also empower the special team to go after government officials and any others that have been and were complicate in the unlawful acts against the country and people for the last 5 years.  There has been much treason!  Especially when “ordinary” people are now recognizing it.



We want to get rid of Fed tax on labour and get tax from other places.  Money gets spent, so you are always buying and that’s where our taxes need to be utilized.

We also want to start a banking system where the peoples money can be held and utilized in a preferred fashion. (as in keep and grow your money without fees etc)

We also want to get rid of the housing scam and allow all people to have a home or place to live.  This should have been addressed a long time ago by former government.

We want to take back all wasted “pet” projects from former government that has cost Canada BILLIONS.  That money alone would have saved Canada from many things!

We want to give business more empowerment for THEIR business.  We have no right in their business except for tax!

We want to bring jobs back to Canada.  It is absurd that companies that originate here do factory stuff and other service in other countries and not here!

We want to end the homeless in Canada, by giving each person a place to live with heat etc.

We want to work with provinces and cities and maintain future building and help with the infrastructure of roads, light systems and highways.

We want to help farmers in many ways we can to ensure the quality of food in Canada and to keep farmers for years to come!


Decisions Within The Party


We would like to design a “voting/survey” system that will allow all Canadians to vote on decisions within the party.  An example would be, the Party wants to buy some jets for the Air force, but they will cost such and such.  Now this isn’t a major priority so we would ask the people what they want to do.  Is it the right decision?  Do the people approve of the spending?


In essence when it comes to things we want to things we need, the people would be involved.  Don’t you want to be involved in how some spending gets done?  Instead of a disaster later on with apology after apology?  Are we not sick of this same old script?


Final Thought…For Now


To sum things up we are people that care about you and this country.  As a person writing this right now, it is in my own opinion (not just the Party) that people need to get involved and help out the Party, so we can fix the disasters of the last few decades.  I myself have never been one to get involved in things like this, but all the good inside me keeps eating away that I must try and do something.  Well…Here I am.  I hope to see and/or talk to many of you with ideas and things you may have questions or concerns with and if you want to be a member let us know we can use all the help we can get here.  We will be starting a Gofund me campaign soon so we can get the essentials we will need.  Lawyer, office “Party Registration” (that one will be revamped too) etc. all help is welcomed!


Thank You for taking the time to read this and we hope it gets you thinking about things and what we and/or you can do to help our country and the children that will inherit it!


Yours Truly

The Realist Party and its members!