Where Our Convictions Stand!




  1. We have deemed all LOCK DOWNS ILLEGAL.
  2. All business can reopen and if fined, When we get in power we will eliminate any fines and hold the people responsible for damaging your rights!
  3. Our Charter of rights has been broken by current Government and Law officers.
  4. There is no stopping any virus on earth if it exists.
  5. A “covid” isolate has not been put forward for peer review to 1000’s of lab scientist whom have been trying to get one.
  6. Due to the reason of no isolate, all officials involved with claiming there is one, when every other scientist NOT on TV says there is no isolate, will be held accountable. and we will find out what the real evidence is, on this “covid”.  We cannot have a paradox on this!  It makes no sense.
  7. We will investigate all treasonous acts that have been brought against Canada and its people!


Evidence to our convictions: Click Here

Some brave American doctors that speak out; however, not Canada

We had a few videos up, but links have been taken down etc by whom knows!