How Can You Help/Volunteer ?


You can help by spreading the site URL address to many places, such as, Facebook, Twitter or any place ya can share.


Be A Member


We are looking for people to volunteer as members that want to represent the party in their areas they live.

We are also looking for people that can help with promoting the Party.  Public Relations People

Write us at


Make Some Video and Pics


We would  like to get videos from as many people as we can, telling us in the video what it is like to be Canadian and live in Canada

You can send video “dropbox or google drive” links to: or

If you send a video you are giving us permission to use it anyway we see fit (edits etc) if we choose to use it in the promos of Party


Be Our Official Stock Photo and Video Member


We would also like to get someone with a high quality camera to take some stock video for us so we can also use in promotions etc.

Get a hold of us with details that you can do stock video for us


Lawyer Pro Bono


We are also seeking someone (Pro Bono) that works with ‘Political Law’ that may be able to join and advise on legal matters.




Last but not least, We need donations to help setup office and registration fees and Lawyers etc. (unless we can get one pro bono for now then permanent later)

The Crowdfund/GoFundMe or donations will be set up soon!

You can currently Donate to us through PayPal until we setup the GoFundMe these donations will help with Admin costs etc.


We THANK everyone that has helped and will help in the future

If people help out we will be able to accomplish our goals.  It’s up to you and others to help and be a part of change!